Frequently Ask Questions

Digital Certificate is a virtual identity that is used to prove (authenticate) your profile in cyberspace. PSRE Xignature certificates can be used for public transactions that require Authentication; Electronic & Non-Repudiation Signatures; and Encryption. Your Digital Certificate can be used by third parties (reliable parties such as banks, e-commerce, fintech) who want to check the validity of your identity and verify your signature in a transaction.

1. Save time: You no longer have to spend time sending or waiting for documents to be signed.The process of signing Digital Original Signature documents takes place instantly.

2. Save costs: Reduce administrative costs such as paper purchases, printing, couriers, to document storage.

3. Secure: Original Digital Signature digital signatures use asymmetric cryptographic technology so that your signature is extremely difficult to forge. Electronic documents are also sent directly without going through a third party so there is no risk of information leakage.

4. Legal: Digital Signature Original has been recognized by the Indonesian government. An electronic document signed with a Digital Original Signature has the same legal force and effect as a wet signature.

5. Environmentally friendly: Reduce paper consumption and carbon emissions resulting from conventional document delivery.

To be able to take advantage of a DTA Certificate, including signing, a key pair is required between the public key (accessible to the public) and the private key (only you as the Certificate Holder can access it).

Please cooperate to check the inbox and spam folders on the email address you used when registering a Digital Original Signature with the following keywords: “Your Data Has Been Verified”

If the validity period of the certificate has expired and no renewal has been carried out, then the document signing process using the Original Digital Signature cannot be carried out

You can renew your Certificate if it has expired, which is indicated by the active button "Renew Certificate" on your account

The Certificate renewal process is 1 x 24 Hours