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Xignature has been optimised for any type of device whether it’s a PC or a mobile device.

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Xignature Sign Feature

xignature bulk sign

Bulk Signing

You can sign multiple documents at once with one process

xignature bulk sign

Self Sign

Sign your selected document easily and your document will be valid

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Sign & Request

Sign your document
invite other parties

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Request From Others

Share your document to recipient to be signed reviewed or approved

Xignature Benefit

The benefits you will get when using a xignature

xignature bulk sign


Cooperating with third parties as guarantor of document authenticity. subordinate CA by The Ministry of Communication and Information.

xignature bulk sign


Through the use of asymmetric cryptography (private and public key)
documents are guaranteed to be authentic and with integrity.

High Security

The security of your documents and personal data is well-encrypted, decreasing document and signature forgery significantly and minimizing document.


Sign your documents effectively and efficiently with Xignature!

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